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Holiday beauty tips and tricks

Updated: Mar 5, 2023


Ok so its the holidays! Everyone is rushing around getting gifts hosting family and going to holiday parties. Let's face it who has time to think about what to wear and how to look when there are so many other elements and details to worry about. Here are a few last minute holiday trips and tricks for you to take with you for those moments when you forgot you had somewhere to go!!!


It's almost like a party pony with a little less effort. I like this style because its easy and it gives the appearance that you tried. Figure out how much hair you want to pull back ( remember it's not suppose to look perfect, messy is in!) secure the bun at the top of your head and just curl the rest. Some verb sea salt spray would do wonders for this look!


What better way to add sparkle to your night than adding a headband! Headbands can turn a simple bun into a stylish updo. It adds a personal touch to any night out.


Nobody can go wrong with glitter. We all know that everyone is most likely going to snaz up their holiday makeup look with some kind of bold lip. We suggest, in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd, add a little glitter! Glitter lips have been around for a few years but nothing says festive like a touch of glitter. No matter what color lippie you decide to wear there is a glitter for you. Most are easy to apply and stay throughout the night with no need to reapply. Check out some of these cool glitter lip looks.

The best thing about a bold lip is everything else can be minimal and simple. Less effort, less time, and less fuss.


Ok hear me out here, one simple trick can turn a regular ponytail into a sophisticated style. Whether you want to rock a sleek ponytail or a messy one simply take a small section of hair and wrap it around your hair tie (which is why it is key to use a small hair tie or a rubberband when securing your pony). Secure this piece of hair with a bobby pin and your all set!


I am not suggesting you go out and get your bangs cut for your office holiday party. On one hand new bangs are best started in the winter or fall when there is less humidity (if you live in a climate that has humidity) there are options for those of us who don’t want to make a huge life change with permanent bangs. There are several “fake bang” options out there. From clip on bangs to halo bangs WE HAVE OPTIONS. Adding a no fuss bang to your top knot or your messy bun can actually make you look like you tried. Check out these fake bangs…

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