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For the past eight month we have tested products. Does it work well for everyone? Is it cost effective? Does the company hold our same values? These are the questions that have been floating around my mind for the last eight months. How to bring my guest affordable cruelty free products that get the job done without breaking the bank. Discovering VERB was not at all easy. There are so many great products out there but most fell short of having all the qualities I was looking for. Let's be honest for us salon owners it's no small feat choosing an entire line of products to choose to bless your clients with. It is a huge investment and a lot of pressure. Here are my reasons for choosing VERB and the products I'm currently in love with.

REASONS: ITS SOOOO AFFORDABLE¦ FOR EVERYONE! For clients: everything is always $16, yes everything. From the shampoos to the styling products. For salons: we don't have to price anything individually. It makes inventory that much easier. Also the intro kit comes with back bar and a bunch free stuff (we love the verb bags)

MADE BY STYLIST This line was made by stylist that wanted to give their clients great products at a reasonable price.

THEY HAVE DARK DRY SHAMPOO !! Ok, I have a confession … This was the selling point for me¦ I was on the fence still about investing so much money in a product and then I found this¦

Dark dry shampoo to the left

I don't personally use dry shampoo but I have a lot of brunette clients and I always heard "I would love to use dry shampoo but it always leaves my hair looking like I have dandruff" thanks verb for this amazing product ( I hope this comes out in a non aerosol spray one day *hint*)

THE REST¦ They use good ingredients¦ color safe and not harsh on the hair. The fragrance is very mild but lovely.

THE PRODUCTS WE CURRENTLY LOVE! The ghost line!! This is our go to line for everyone and everything. It is lightweight, if you have fine hair or thick hair it has got you covered. It does not dry your hair out and it leaves your hair weightless and flawless. Come see us and try it out!

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